Dr. Alice, Animal Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Dr. Alice provides care at The Spirited Dog facility on a regular basis and also makes home visits. For more information, visit her website or contact Dr. Alice at abakerdvm@gmail.com.

Dr. Alice is a North Carolina native, but is now proud to call the Front Range of Colorado her home.  She grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, went to undergraduate at Warren Wilson College, and went to veterinary school at North Carolina State University.  As a veterinarian, she very quickly began to realize that she did not have all of the answers with the training she had received.  Being a health and fitness nut herself and being the type to want to help her patients reach their highest possible level of health and performance, Dr. Alice began pursuing integrative medicine techniques to discover new ways to further enrich the lives of her patients and the joy of their human companions.  
Venture loves his time with Dr. Alice
Dr. Alice is certified in Animal Chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and did her studies through Parker University in Dallas, TX.  She is also a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and studied the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine techniques and animal acupuncture through Dr. Shen Xie and the faculty of the Chi Institute in Florida.  Dr. Alice also recently finished her training as a Canine Rehabilitation Therapist through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in Broomfield, CO.    

When Dr. Alice is not working hard to improve the lives of her patients and the happiness of their humans, you will find her riding her endurance horses, sheep-herding with her dogs, rock climbing with her husband, running, and practicing yoga.  Dr. Alice and her husband Travis, who is studying veterinary pathology at CSU, live on a small farm with Krash, Dream, and Winds (their Arabian horses), Maybelline the donkey, her surprise baby Juniper, as well as Tip, Breeze, and Zero the herding pups, and four cats: Dizzy, Dilly, Thistle, and TJ. 

Dr. Alice's main interest is in helping the animal athlete perform at his or her highest potential while strengthening and balancing the body to prevent injury and fixing early changes in the body before they become problems.