Facility Guide

  • Please park on the West side of the building
  • Please do not allow dogs to potty on any landscaping or the building. We would like to be very respectful of our landlords.
  • The potty area is back by the dumpster at the north side of the lot. There is a metal can and bags for you to use.
  • Please try to keep your dog’s nails trimmed to help maintain the brand new mat flooring
  • There are a few crates set up for your use, please wipe them down after.
  • The parking lot is very visible from the training center so it is perfect if you want to crate out of the car.(Please use your own judgement and consider your dog’s comfort and safety, particularly on warm days).
  • The crate space is limited inside, so please don’t bring dogs inside until we are ready for you.

Contact Nicole with Questions